Today Kinda Sucks. But There’s Always YouTube…


Today is Wednesday or Hump Day. I’ve spent the last two hours down the rabbit hole that is YouTube and Facebook. You look at one video and you spiral out of control and you realize you haven’t started dinner yet and you haven’t even eaten lunch. Sometimes I go to YouTube and FB for inspiration for my blog but a lot of times I just get sucked in the interwebs black holes. 

I got nothing. I read the news and it was all so dreary or just plain stupid. Kate had her baby and left the hospital in one day (good for her). Politics are everywhere so much so that I can’t even anymore. My Tequila supply is dangerously low and it’s raining outside for the third straight day. I have done nothing productive this week except laundry. Because my family can’t handle going without clean underwear. 

People are still killing people. Gas prices are going up. The Walking Dead season is over. It’s just bad news everywhere. Oh and people are more stupid than I ever thought they could be. So stupid that even semi-smart people are like, ”maybe they are onto something here..” No Brenda, Kanye will not be Prez in 2024. I mean seriously?

Am I bringing you down with me? Maybe you should go to YouTube and watch a few cute puppy videos. Oh you can’t because you are at work? Um, k. Because I know you sneak onto social media during the day. Nobody actually works all day. lol 

I actually have to make it outside to the drugstore for my meds and some deodorant. It’s weird wearing the hubby’s deodorant. I smell like a tree. Oh I might need groceries because I’ve been told my family hasn’t had a home cooked meal in forever. They can be so ungrateful. You feel me moms? Ugh. 

Well I am sorry I took up your time today. I know you were expecting a really good, insightful post. Sorry. I suck today. I really, really need a vacation. Hopefully next week I will be back at with some award-winning posts for all of you! Until then here’s a cute puppy video. Cheer’s Y’all!

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