Word to Your Mother. A Look at Mother’s on Mother’s Day.

Word to your mother

This Mother’s Day, I kept seeing memes with “word to your mother” and then the Vanilla Ice song, “Ice, Ice Baby” would play in my head over and over and over… I am still humming it today. But seriously Happy Mother’s Day to ALL! Even if you’re not a mom! Here’s why:

Yes, it’s a great Hallmark holiday. I saw cards from $4.99 to $10 bucks and up! I’m like why? The cards sucked and I could take my mom to lunch for less if I had coupons. So why spend the money on a card? Because some moms like cards. I know I do but I’d take a homemade one in a heart beat. But Mother’s Day isn’t just for moms with kids. 

Mom’s with little ones. You really need this day away from the kids. Don’t let that hubby go play golf and leave you with the kids because he thinks moms want to spend a nice day with the little ones. You want to be alone or with other moms to cry and drink Mimosas! You are with these little angles All. Damn. Day. But remember father’s day, he’s never home so it is appropriate to leave him with the kids to spend quality time! 

Oh you work outside the home? You are tired from working and being the main nurturer. So take a nap or go shopping alone (I’m not talking the grocery store either). You birthed that kid from your lady parts, and until that man can do that, you have the upper hand ladies!

What? You’re the baby mama? No husband? Hunt that baby daddy down and say ‘tag your it’ today buddy. Or drop the baby off at his mom’s house. He can’t run forever. Is he caught up with the child support? If he’s not tell him you will send his butt to jail if he doesn’t at least watch the kid for the afternoon! I swear. 

You don’t have kids? You have a mom! NO excuses here. Go visit, call or take her to lunch. Your mom passed away? Visit your siblings or maybe some of your moms friends. Or take out her pictures and think of the good times you had with her. She’s watching over you. This doesn’t have to be a depressing day, you can be sad but keep her memory with you. And know you are loved.

Empty nest mom? Enjoy! You’ve earned it! If they don’t call you, call them! Remind them of the day they made you a mom. Be very descriptive of you bringing them into this world. Remind them if they don’t call or send a gift next year, you will do it again. Those big-headed babies that mangled your Va-jayjay for life owe you!

So you are adopted. You have a great mom that may not have your DNA but she’s still your mom. Maybe you searched and found your real mom. I’m sure she gave you up because it was to give you a better life. Let her know it is a great life. Or find a positive in there somewhere. 

Maybe you had a terrible mom. If you have your own kids, just make sure you do it better than your mom. You got this. You don’t have to be mother of the year you know.

Oh you have no mom and no kids? Go to a nursing home and visit some elderly moms who may have been abandoned by their own children. Visit with a friends mom. Or maybe just go out with friends and have a nice lunch. Or if you don’t really care about Mother’s Day, that’s fine too. Just don’t bitch about others who are enjoying the day. Don’t be that person.

I had a great Mother’s Day weekend. I hope you did too. I spent it with my mom, dad, husband and two kids. My oldest graduated college and we celebrated. Here’s a picture of my cute family (Hubby was taking the picture):


I told everyone to wear red because that’s my son’s college colors. My mom said, “nope. I’m wearing Pink.” And she did. Bless her heart.

Cheer’s Y’all!

9 thoughts on “Word to Your Mother. A Look at Mother’s on Mother’s Day.

  1. First, happy belated Mother’s Day! If I gave my mom a card, she would read it, say thank you, take the gift card out, and throw the card away when I’m not looking. She’s in it for the good stuff.

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