Captain’s Log: Day 158 Million


If you just read the title in the voice of Captain Kirk (William Shatner), you are one of my people. 

This Pandemic Quarantine feels like effin 4 ever. I feel like everyday is the same. I’m out of wine coolers and I have finished all of Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ (I don’t even have kids at home anymore). I cut my bangs yesterday and I am tempted to shave my whole head. I imagine I would look silly but whatever.

I’ve cleaned out rooms, drawers and closets. Cleared out my google searches and Facebook group lists. Zoomed friends and clients and actually “called” my parents because they refuse to facetime. I’ve checked on friends and even made myself clean the house at least once.

I’m over it. I know everyone is and I am not alone in this. But for a person who already suffers depression and anxiety, this shit sucks.

Now I’m getting really anxious because North Carolina is starting to phase back to being “open”. On one hand I am ready to roll. On the other, I am scared to death of getting this virus. I have asthma and damn sure don’t need to not be able to breathe.

Besides all that, I’m not sure what to do anymore. I could clean out more stuff but I would rather not. I would also like to write about something else but honestly what else is there right now? I’m pretty sure I could turn all these pandemic posts into a book. No one would read it until many years later when everyone has forgotten all about this pandemic. 

Also, people still suck. There are fights over whether or not masks help. And some people don’t believe there is a pandemic. Then there are the people walking around with machine guns and no masks taunting people. I am all for guns. I have a subscription to Garden & Gun Magazine. But really? We. Are. Losing. Our. Minds.

So, to change it up a little, I am adding some headlines I’ve seen on the news:

Pregnant Katy Perry says she’s experiencing ‘waves of depression’ during pandemic

Twitter employees can work from home forever, CEO says

Hong Kong shop offers ‘tear gas’ flavor ice cream

Online graduations still bring stars to the virtual lectern

Dining with dummies? Renowned restaurant adds mannequins

There you have it. Nothing has changed. Groundhog day over and over.

Found on the Internet. DM for credit.

Peace Love and Margaritas Y’all!

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13 thoughts on “Captain’s Log: Day 158 Million

  1. Help is on the way! Mother nature is sending North Carolina a hurricane named Arthur. So hold on. More horrible events are coming your way. By the time they are through with you, this coronavirus thing will look like a walk in the park. Enjoy!

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      1. Isn’t it wonderful that we can still laugh? Cheer up. Be so happy you are alive and well. This too will pass. Enjoy your margaritas! Your blog is a breadth of fresh air. Thank you for it.

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  2. Sitting here in Toronto in the cold, pissing rain thinking no spring, no summer, murder hornets are on their way with the jetstream, we’re still locked down, and I have teenagers.


    Also, with you on the ‘tempted to shave my whole head’…ugh. 🙂

    Hang in there…I love a good rant, so let ‘er rip!

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