Adventures During Covid

Hello Margarita Squad!

I guess by now you have heard that I have hooked up with the girls at I’m not ditching you all here either, just adding another adventure to my life. These girls are fantastic and very dedicated to the cause of reaching out to women everywhere to uplift, inspire and love via public events, videos, social media etc.. They needed a third shorter woman with a good personality. lol

We all need this kind of community in this insane world. And it enables me to reach others with my message of living with Anxiety and Depression. So many people suffer needlessly and don’t know what do to. I try to help others who suffer by telling my own story. So if you are a woman and curious about this new venture, head over to their site and sign up for their newsletter and follow them on social media. Oh by the way, did you know you can get my weekly posts in your email? Yes! You won’t have to miss any! It’s all I send in the email so you won’t have to worry about spam. The sign up is on my front page of my website.

In other news, we are still dealing with Covid, people out of work, kids virtual learning, the madness of the upcoming election and racial division. So just another day on Planet Earth. So what are you doing to cope? I know some folks are happy to work from home. I do that anyway and now I just feel isolated most days. I’ve even started watching The Handmaid’s Tale. Talk about depressing. Might as well just re-read George Orwell’s 1984 again.

We have been taking drives around the city once in awhile to break up the monotony. Funny thing is we are finding places we have never been or places that have been built up and we didn’t even know it! We also have made friends with everyone at every Chick-fil-A and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Good people. Not helping out diets though.

Last week I social distanced my birthday with a couple of girlfriends on a porch. With wine and cupcakes to celebrate. Had to wait 3 hours to sober up before I could drive home. But fun anyway. Trying to keep a check on my family and friends right now. I facetime my kids just annoy them. Remind them to shave and get a haircut. I think they finally blocked me.

I’m trying to keep my posts more positive. Lately they had been such downers because I was struggling to find something positive. I am sure some of you have dealt with that too. I’ve been watching comedy videos of my friends Karen Mills, Karen Morgan and others like Leanne Morgan. I’m still doing TikTok scrolls too. I could literally lose hours watching those and laughing my butt off. People can be so creative and funny. Love that!

What are you doing to keep sane?

Here’s a little nugget for today. It’s from Saturday Night Live and the actors are having a very rough time keeping it together. One of my favs.

Peace Love & Margaritas Y’all!

15 thoughts on “Adventures During Covid

  1. I think that Coronavirus has helped many of us to realize what is important. When you reach my age, you wonder what you really need in life and start thinking about what not to leave for others to sort out if you croak. With the virus, it starts up some of these thoughts. I have no plans to croak in the near future, but I am getting my affairs in order. You might find this depressing, but it is actually taking control of one of the things you have control over and that is who gets what, what needs to be trashed, what you want done…all these are things to make life easier for those left behind. It is also fueling up my writing as I have a few things, well, more than a few things to say. To many, I appear to be the quiet type, but I save my writing to talk, more and more. It has never been easy for me to get my words out in a group setting unless the leader does a round table. I miss our round tables at the live meetings, but they will be back. Sooner for some than others. I will be a later one because I am older and have compromised health issues. But I am used to being home and have worked from home so long that it’s the world out there that scares me. And my tongue is looser, so I might insult someone who maybe needs to have a moment of truth. So, staying home might be good, right? Or does that person need a moment of truth? HAHAHA I am not surprised you are part of RU as you are a perfect fit. Congratulations to you to them for having you. Blessings and peace.

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  2. I’m in New Zealand and we’ve fared (knock on wood) better than most other countries during this pandemic. Life is fairly “normal” now, albeit social distanced and we wear masks when that’s not possible and on public transport. Our new normal … I’m about to launch the 12th book in my series online. Never done that before. Launched have always been at a venue and full of people and laughter. On Thursday I’ll be speaking into the abyss. It’s taken a while to get my head around the disappointments of this year and to adjust to life as it is now. I’m a writer so I’m used to being on my own with my characters. 🙂 But launching the final book alone when it was supposed to be a huge event is hard.
    Yay for tequila and launching from home means I can drink! And dammit, I deserve to drink tequila and celebrate the end of this body of work!
    I’ll also have my youngest daughters and my eldest daughter with me, so, I won’t be totally alone.
    Adjusted expectations is what this year is about. And adjust them I have but not without tears and very sad days sprinkled through the chaos that is 2020.

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  3. I’m with you on takikng drives – my wife and I ride our motorcycles through town and explore places we never knew existed and take photos. It’s all very sureal sometimes.

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