Just a List of Moronic Things Sucking My Ever-loving Soul Dry to the Bone.

I know 2020 hasn’t been very kind or helpful to most of us. Maybe some of you have it pretty good right now and if you do, you probably shouldn’t tell anyone. If word gets around that 2020 is actually “your year”, there very well could be a “hit” out on you.

The rest of us could probably all get together via a big Zoom conference and have the biggest laundry list of negativity you have ever seen. Everything from odd Covid symptoms to what fresh hell is this growing on my big toe? So, I thought I would put together a little list of things that I can’t understand or fathom how they are even a ‘thing’. You can add to the list in the comment section. 🙂

  1. Change Shortage. What. The. Hell? How do we have a change shortage? I just found $32.00 in change in 2 sofas and a dresser drawer in my kids old bedroom. So what gives? I haven’t even looked in my car yet. But seriously? If we need to get rid of any coins it should be that penny. And I hear it’s because there is a conspiracy theory that the government wants us to be a cashless society so they can they can know everything we purchase. Really? Because if some guy watching the screen follows my money trail he will be extremely bored. He would see lots of Amazon random purchases at 3 am, Groceries online with mostly Sprite Zero, Coffee Pods and double stuffed Oreos, Batteries for days and Uber Eats everything this side of Eastern North Carolina. Have fun with that.
  2. Testing my self Daily for Taste and Smell. OMG. I wake up everyday and pray I can smell and taste food. And you can bet your butt I can’t smell anything until coffee so I wake up very anxious that today will be the day I have the virus. I can’t imagine not eating because you can’t even taste it. Can’t even imagine. I would cry all day while eating a whole container of Oreos trying to get my taste back.
  3. Vote By Mail. While this is a very controversial issue, I for one have big issues with it and I think all parties should too. I spend at least 2 days a week bugging my neighbors to see if they have my mail and give them theirs because the mail here is not reliable. I once found a package for my address shoved in the mailbox of vacant home. How the heck are we going to be sure our ballots get to the right place? I already have a friend that found out she is getting a mail in ballot even though she didn’t request it. Can’t we just call it in or email it? Or send it by Uber?
  4. Bars can’t open yet in NC but restaurants selling booze can be. You read that right. I can go sit at the bar of my fav restaurant and drink till 11pm but can’t do that at my fav bar. Some might say that’s because the restaurants sell food. My bar gives you free beer nuts! Come on Man!
  5. Netflix just announced a new movie called “Cuties”. I suggest you not watch it. Shows 11 year old girls doing the WAP on a stage and looking like fresh meat for any raging pedophile with a screen and a Netflix account. You would think Netflix could do better. But I’m not about that Cancel Culture so I still have my membership. Just choose not to watch kid porn as a rule. Oh you don’t know what WAP is? Google that…dare you.
  6. Toilet Paper and Disinfectant Supplies shortages. I can see the shortage of disinfectant stuff but Toilet paper? I promise you this, if I have to ever buy one-ply sand toilet paper again, I will go to jail for murder. Not even scared of it! And chicken? The fairgrounds here were selling it by the case loads a few months ago. You had to wait in line in your car to buy 3,682 chicken wings. I’m not about that life either Y’all. I’m pretty sure I can survive on pizza and bread if I have too.

I could go on forever but I have to stop here for now. Trying to save my soul from turning all coal black and shriveling up. So many crazy things are going on that my mind can’t keep up. Anyone have anything to add to my list that maybe no one has thought of yet? Let me know!

As always,

Peace, Love and Margaritas!

12 thoughts on “Just a List of Moronic Things Sucking My Ever-loving Soul Dry to the Bone.

  1. There is this Twitter exchange of pictures about if someone woke up from a coma in 2020, what would they be shocked if you showed them. It is pretty hilarious. One was a picture of a restaurant in South Carolina that had blow up dolls in a restaurant to hold tables to keep six feet of separation. The dolls were wearing dresses and I couldn’t stop laughing.

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  2. With a title like this, on a day like mine (so far), you can be guaranteed I will click and read and comment. HA!

    I had to google WAP. Why why why do I google this stuff? (blah)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. I will commiserate with you today. ❤

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  3. Great list! My ad would be soul-sucking Facebook political posts and the nasty things people will say in the threads. Pure hate. I’ve seen actual threats of physical harm between “friends.”

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  4. As always, thanks for the laugh. 2020 keeps trying to trick me into thinking it’s not that bad (oh, your friends are healthy? Let’s set California on fire! You still have a job? Here’s a huge repair bill!).
    But if you need a smile, check out the fire dept using Cardi’s WAP to fight fires 😉

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