2020 Was Like The Worst Hangover Ever. So 2021 Is Going To Need To Step Up And Kick Some Ass.

Damn. Was 2020 not the longest year ever? That. Was. Excruciating. I don’t think anyone could say 2020 was their year without bursting out laughing or crying. 2020 was exactly like The Walking Dead and no one will even refute that. No one saw it coming and Therapists are the only billionaires now.

Even with the start of the 2020 Apocalypse, I did learn a few things that I wouldn’t have otherwise:

  1. Half the world’s population is as dumb as a ship of doorknobs.
  2. I can now spot crazy before it even opens it’s mouth.
  3. Netflix needs to up it’s game. There will be no more trips to a movie theater for 90% of us.
  4. Singers and Bands need to have used their time in quarantine to write/produce more music. It better be better than it has ever been.
  5. Self care is a basic human right. Or it should be.
  6. Politicians are ALL crooked and power hungry. No Debate here.
  7. “Silence of the Lambs” means a lot of things that it didn’t used to.
  8. Being cooped up in your home for almost a year has created mass depression and taken huge emotional tolls on the majority.
  9. Stupidity breeds stupidity.

That’s not my entire list but I was getting depressed typing it all out and now I’m out of wine.

Then there are things I will take into 2021. This list will keep me sane and keep me from committing murder. Y’all might want to make your own list. Here’s mine:

  1. I will not be anyone’s victim.
  2. I will not waste time on relationships that are one-sided or toxic.
  3. My family is my everything and I will do what it takes to keep them safe.
  4. I will not be bullied by humans masquerading as adults any longer.
  5. I will not change to make others like me or make them happy. Take me or leave me.
  6. My door is always open for anyone seeking help, friendship, laughter and a shoulder to cry on. No strings attached.
  7. I have learned to listen a lot more and will take that with me. Even if what I hear is backward or wrong, there is no way to change other’s hearts with arguments and violence.
  8. I know what I stand for and I am more than OK with that.
  9. I’m in charge of my happiness and mental health. I’m not in charge of yours.
  10. I will keep laughing even at the most inappropriate things and wrong times. It is who I am. No apologies.
  11. I’ve started living my best life in spite of 2020.

What’s on your list? What are you taking into 2021? Are you coming out of 2020 a better version of yourself?

And as always, here is a little something to make you laugh:

My Idols – I Mom So Hard

6 thoughts on “2020 Was Like The Worst Hangover Ever. So 2021 Is Going To Need To Step Up And Kick Some Ass.

  1. OMG Missy!!! I love you. I laughed so hard at the video!! And you go girl on your new list. I think we all came out of this with learning things about ourselves. Keep us laughing. Happy New Year and hopefully to have a better year in 2021!

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