If We Can’t Get Through 2022, It Could Possibly Increase The Likelihood For More Action Movies With Bruce Willis And Samuel L. Jackson

I’m trying to get a leg up on what might happen in 2022. Absolutely no telling though. Didn’t see 2020 & 21 coming the way it did. But the third year of the apocalypse is a charm, am I right? So made a little list of what to quit, burn or blow up for 2022 to help me get my mind right for the new year.

  • Will not make any New Years Resolutions. Throwing care and fucks right out da window!
  • I plan to stop talking to people who get on my nerves. Gonna see a lot of people disappear from my contact list.
  • Gonna burn as many bridges as I need too. Don’t want those MF’ers trying to follow me to the other side.
  • No more reading the comment sections. Anywhere. It only pisses me off to see the willingly stupid commenting on things they know nothing about.
  • Self-doubt no more!
  • I will continue to remember that politicians and celebrities do not live in my world and can’t be trusted to give any advice. ANY.
  • I will continue to use my critical thinking skills which are far superior to the listening and regurgitating skills of most people. They simply listen to what sounds good from news and social media then regurgitate it right back out. I know it makes them feel smart but nah.
  • Other’s peoples opinions of me are irrelevant. So….
  • I plan to stop trying to people please. It’s more exhausting than running a marathon and has no nutritional value.

So that’s the short list. If we don’t start creating a better USA by 2022, then we can consider it done. That’s when the crazy will take over the earth. And for those of you who made fun of me watching The Walking Dead, well I now know how to survive in the wild. But don’t worry, I got you. If everything goes south, It’s all up to Bruce and Samuel to start making those quirky action movies again for us to watch in any and all upcoming quarantines or supply chain issues!

Lastly, people stop being suck hateful sobs. Especially if you are wearing a “Be Kind” shirt. Just sayin There’s so much more to life than political agendas and violence. Stop lending your attention to them. They feed on it. Now something to bring your vibe back up: What would YOU do with a Trillion Dollars?

2 thoughts on “If We Can’t Get Through 2022, It Could Possibly Increase The Likelihood For More Action Movies With Bruce Willis And Samuel L. Jackson

  1. Why is it the ones wearing the ” BE KIND” shirts that are the most judgement? Maybe I am wrong but it just seems that way… If I had a trillion dollars no one would hear from me again. I can’t say where I’d go or what I’d do but no one who find me. LOL

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