Maintaining Your Mental Health During The 2021 Holiday Season During a Pandemic That Might Seem Never-Ending

Let’s check in. How’s your mental health so far this holiday season? Me? I’m on the verge of something. Now, whether that’s a margarita drinking binge or a solo vacation to somewhere tropical where there is no TV or other electronics, I’m not sure yet.

This Thanksgiving was a good one. Except we missed our grandmother being with us (she died last December at 100 years old) and my brother passing away unexpectantly last month and the fact that our usual large family gathering didn’t happen yet again because of the Covid. My boys did come home and my parents drove the hour to our house to enjoy Black Friday Thanksgiving with us at our favorite restaurant.

I’m so glad we don’t shop on Black Friday though. A local mall had a shooting and frankly I’m at the point in my life that if I’d been there, I’m not sure I would have even run. Is that insane? I’m just mentally exhausted over everything going on in our world. Shootings, lootings, riots, rising crime and, well, I know a lot of you are also disgusted. I don’t like to discuss it often but I have this platform and I feel the need to share right now and hopefully it will reach someone who feels the same. And possible we can start to feel better together.

I think to get our mental health in better shape we need to stop watching the news. All of them. Limit social media. (Which is hard for me as a Social Media Consultant). But I have to take breaks. There is still life outside our walls and still good people out there too. If we don’t keep a check on our mental health and those around us, we could end up in terrible situtations.

How I feel right now: I don’t see this effing pandemic ever ending. There is now a new variant to watch for. Shots and boosters don’t mean you won’t get it or you can’t pass it and if you don’t get your shots, you could lose your job etc. Not depressing at all. (sarcasm)

Inflation and gas prices are not helpful right now either. Right at the holiday gift buying season. These are just a couple of things disturbing the mental health of some right now. Actually, a lot of people.

If you are addicted to social media, you might find yourself engrossed in a tangled web of mean people in the comment sections on any topic. While you may want to engage, or punch them in the throat, it’s best for your mental health to just ignore. Trust me. There’s way too many of them.

All these things are happening around the world with no end in sight. And people wonder why some come up with conspiracy theories. I for one think if we found out what really started Covid, we could actually work towards a cure. Not for one minute do I think it came from bat. You can fight me on this.

Want to feel better? Get through the remaining days of this year? Here’s a checklist:

  • Talk to your doctor about your mental health.
  • Get a therapist.
  • Drink more water and get out for more walks.
  • Get a support pet.
  • Don’t hold it in. Write down your feelings or talk with friends.
  • Watch more fun and heartwarming movies.
  • Meditate/Pray/Positive Self Talk.
  • Don’t spend too much time alone.
  • Add any other tips to the comment section!

Just remember, you are not alone. These past few years have been absolute hell on our psyches. Hang in there!

4 thoughts on “Maintaining Your Mental Health During The 2021 Holiday Season During a Pandemic That Might Seem Never-Ending

  1. I’m with ya! Media wants us to be a wreck! They want us to be scared, fearful, hating each other! Don’t fall for it! There IS still a whole lot of good happening out there. It’s hard to find some days for sure and even harder when the wrost of humanity is highlighted on the daily! But I promise God has a plan and He is working overtime for you and I both! There is good out there! I belive it and you should too! I speak to a counselor once a week right now and I am really carful what I watch and read… I have to be because the world is messy… and the enemy is a sneaky SOB!

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  2. Yeah, well, MM I don’t agree with or accept many of your thoughts expressed here. Of course, I don’t have to, and one of the things I do get pleasure from, social media-wise, is you!

    My direct responses to your advice
    Talk to your doctor about your mental health.- Already did. That’s why she upped my meds
    Get a therapist – Many of my family members suggest the same thing. Sort of started browsing for online shrink or group as well as on ourtime because I just finally had to check it out for free after too many of their commercials!.
    Drink more water and get out for more walks. – Looks like my pattern is to start again in spring
    Get a support pet – Need to get past allergies that reared their ugly heads around my grandcats.
    Don’t hold it in. Write down your feelings or talk with friends.- Started blogging again and already do. Links to blogs below.
    Watch more fun and heartwarming movies. – Orange is the New Black?
    Meditate/Pray/Positive Self Talk. – See walking/water above
    Don’t spend too much time alone.- But I like to! Added bonus of feeling safe. Venture out at least once a week, sometimes twice, to visit Mom (once/week max) and indulge in retail therapy. These days mostly limited to big box, bargain and grocery stores!

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