Teaching the Dog to Talk. Because Life isn’t Hard Enough for us Right Now.

If you’ve been on TikTok since the beginning of Covid like the rest of the world looking for an escape from reality, then you may have heard of Bunny the Talking Dog, aka @whataboutbunny He’s this really cool dog that can talk with his humans via sound buttons. His mom, Christina Hunger, a speech language pathologist, created the button method to talk with and study the communication of her dog Bunny. She now has another dog, Otter. And it’s amazing.

So, we went and did a thing. We ordered these buttons to try and start the process with our own dog. We figure he’s pretty smart, he should catch on pretty quickly. I should also state that I have not yet caught on to the fact that nothing in my life is ever “easy” and to think this would be, was pure stupidity on my part.

Bowen with The Box

In case you think your dog is super smart and you should try this, the company is called Fluent Pet. Just order the smallest or medium set to get started. Be prepared for frustration and mental breakdowns. And that’s just you.

Starting With Just 3 Buttons

Our dog is showing signs of interest by sniffing the buttons and sitting by the buttons when it’s time. But he doesn’t want to touch them yet. But let there be a nasty bug crawling across the floor, and he has no problem touching that. Go figure.

Why am I putting myself through this? Because why not? How cool would it be for him to touch the buttons to sound out something like, “Hey mom, skip the vacuuming and let’s jump in the car and head to the beach for a week”! I seriously think that phrase alone would secure our retirement.

Meanwhile I am on the floor pressing buttons, holding his paw while he growls at me like Cujo. We are out of treats, and I am on my 5th margarita. It’s only day 3.

Peace, Love and Margaritas Y’all

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