“Bucket List Before I Kick the Bucket – The Hilariously Unique Midlife Goals You Never Knew You Needed!”

We all have a bucket list of grandiose things we want to do/accomplish but what about those random things that might not be so “grand” but could be fun? This isn’t your typical bucket list, but in this period of time, it might be fun to accomplish some of the crazier things we randomly think of! What’s on your crazy bucket list?

  1. Finally learn how to properly use the “Reply All” button in email. This could make or break someone’s day.
  2. Master the art of napping without drooling on oneself.
  3. Try every flavor of fiber supplement available at the local drugstore. If you have to take a supplement, make it taste good!
  4. Create a signature dish that can be made entirely in a microwave. Challenge accepted!
  5. Master the art of small talk with people you don’t really care about. Eh, maybe.
  6. Learn to parallel park (because you never really got the hang of it). Someone of you really need this.
  7. Finally figure out how to program the clock on your VCR (just in case they make a comeback). And they will!
  8. Attend a speed dating event and try to use all of your best pickup lines from the ’80s and ’90s.
  9. Finally learn how to use emojis properly without feeling like a total dinosaur. And learn their true meaning!
  10. Master the art of getting out of bed without making any weird, creaky noises.
  11. Finally figure out how to use all those random buttons on the TV remote.
  12. Finally learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet without losing your breath.
  13. Finally have the confidence to rock a fanny pack in public.
  14. Become an expert in identifying different types of craft beer, even if we secretly prefer a cold Bud Light.
  15. Become a pro at finding the best deals and coupons for everything from groceries to travel.
  16. Try every flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in one day.
  17. Attend a “wine and paint night” and only paint stick figures.
  18. Learn how to make a perfect martini and drink it while wearing a smoking jacket.
  19. Finally, figure out how to use Snapchat and post daily snaps of your pet.
  20. Attend a “Survivor” audition and practice saying, “the tribe has spoken” to get a spot on the show.
  21. Join a group of extreme seniors and go bungee jumping or cliff diving.
  22. Learn how to make a perfect soufflé and host a dinner party where you only serve soufflés.
  23. Take up stand-up comedy and perform at a local open mic night.
  24. Travel to a foreign country and pretend to be a famous celebrity for the duration of your stay.
  25. Host a margarita party and invite local celebrities and see who shows up.

Now, what can you come up with?

Peace, Love & Margaritas!

Author Unkown

2 thoughts on ““Bucket List Before I Kick the Bucket – The Hilariously Unique Midlife Goals You Never Knew You Needed!”

  1. LOL thank you for the morning (or, if I’m being honest, mid-afternoon) laugh. If you’re able to find a way to fulfill #2, please let me know. Fitted shits should be rolled into a ball and tied into a ball all the bungee cords that are taking up space in a drawer. As far as #23 goes – been there, done that. The adrenaline rush is almost as big as bungee jumping

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