Things to Try Out When in Midlife and You No Longer Care if People Think You are Crazy, or Just Ready to Break Free and Laugh in the Face of Normalness

Do you ever watch a show, movie or even social media and get inspired to do something out of your ordinary? Like skydiving, race car driving or traveling to destinations unknown? You just want to “break free” of all things normal and go out on a limb and do something out of your comfort zone?

It doesn’t have to be a big deal. As long as it something that excites you or scares the hell out of you even in the slightest, it just might be worth it to cure the midlife blues as some call it. I think we are all at the point in our lives that we have lost most of the “what will people say or think” fears. Just do it.

Past generations used to just age gracefully and occasionally you’d see some 90-year-old skydiving or bungee jumping and people would just say they were crazy. But now, people in midlife and older are becoming obsessed with doing and trying new things! Exciting times except for their kids who are worried when they can’t find mom and dad because they went on an adventure in a jungle with no cell service. Older doesn’t mean ‘about to die’ anymore. It’s a whole new world. Get out there Midlifers! Here’s a list to get you started.

1. Buy an overpriced electric convertible car

2. Quit your job and start a new career that no one would see coming

3. Join a bowling league

4. Buy a tiny home

5. Try out a new hairstyle

6. Get a tattoo somewhere no one can see and tell your friends about it over cocktails

7. Become a midlife fashion influencer

8. Buy a parrakeet  

9. Join your local roller derby

10. Start a YouTube channel

11. Join a dating website and create a kickass bio that will bring all the boys to the yard

12. Take a pottery class

13. Take a road trip across the country in an RV with a few friends and vlog it!

14. Get a new style of clothes and get rid of the “old” style

15. Get a makeover

16. Get a second opinion on your life choices (seek a therapist)

17. Spend a week at a dude ranch

18. Attend a music festival

19. Get a new piercing

20. Do you DNA on a genealogy site and search/visit all your distant relatives

So there ya go! And to help you get through the rest of this week and to Break Free of the norms, here’s a little video to help you:

2 thoughts on “Things to Try Out When in Midlife and You No Longer Care if People Think You are Crazy, or Just Ready to Break Free and Laugh in the Face of Normalness

  1. I’m already doing a few of them. I just won’t tell you which ones! It’s probably not much of a clue, but I might call myself a 2/3 er since I’m 67 and keep telling myself I’ve already lived 2/3 of my allotted life span.

    PS One clue might be that I am recently divorced and even more recently moved 2/3 of the way across the country to live closer to my kids.

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