‘Tiger King’ Review by Midlife Margaritas

Yep. I went right down that rabbit hole along with so many of you. Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched or finished watching Tiger King, do it now! I’ll wait. What the actual hell??????? I was hooked the first 30 seconds. This real life drama played out in the early 2000’s and why the heck… Continue reading ‘Tiger King’ Review by Midlife Margaritas

Midlife Margaritas Netflix Picks for January 2019

  Lately I have been, well, blah. I’m trying to avoid the news and anything else that reminds me the world is heading straight into a Zombie Apocalypse. So I’ve started to binge (just a little) on Netflix. And guess what my favorite genres are? Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Drama, Thrillers, Scary and Action. I’m not the… Continue reading Midlife Margaritas Netflix Picks for January 2019