Coffee Chat & Giveaways!

Today I took over the blog and social media accounts at Coffee Chat Girl and blogged about why I started Midlife Margaritas! Check out her blog to read it! She’s doing a giveaway too that you will just love. If you love coffee, girl time, giveaways and margaritas…you won’t be disappointed! What else do you… Continue reading Coffee Chat & Giveaways!

365 Day Lazy PTA Mom Margarita Challenge.

Day 1: Check all cabinets to make sure you have enough Tequila for the challenge. If not, borrow from friends and neighbors and only go to the liquor store as a last resort. Even then ask for a coupon. Day 2: Limes. Son of a B, forgot the limes. Go to the grocery store and… Continue reading 365 Day Lazy PTA Mom Margarita Challenge.

Happy Margarita Day!

Hey Peeps! Today is our big day! National Margarita Day and we couldn’t be happier. Some of my close friends are stopping by tonight for margaritas and fun. We’re planning to try that Facebook live thing too. If you’ve got nothing better to do around 7:45 ET, stop by our Facebook page and watch me… Continue reading Happy Margarita Day!

A Sneak Peak Into My Blog Emails

Here at Midlife Margaritas, we get lots of emails. And they can be spectacular. Some are just so random and weird though. So I thought I would give you a peek into what I deal with in my inbox. Makes for good material. Message: “Hi! I love your blog! You give such great parenting advice!”… Continue reading A Sneak Peak Into My Blog Emails

Ten Unconventional Things I’m Thankful For.

Yes, we are all thankful for friends, family, food, shelter, health, kids etc. BUT, are you thankful for the things that you maybe take for granted? I know we all take every one of the things mentioned above for granted and we shouldn’t. Did I just scold you? lol But really. If you can get… Continue reading Ten Unconventional Things I’m Thankful For.