Just a List of Moronic Things Sucking My Ever-loving Soul Dry to the Bone.

I know 2020 hasn’t been very kind or helpful to most of us. Maybe some of you have it pretty good right now and if you do, you probably shouldn’t tell anyone. If word gets around that 2020 is actually “your year”, there very well could be a “hit” out on you. The rest of… Continue reading Just a List of Moronic Things Sucking My Ever-loving Soul Dry to the Bone.

Time to Up My Anxiety Meds

I’m losing it. Seriously. I think we have had enough isolation and anxiety now. Dear God, please turn off the Virus machine. I promise we will be better! If not at least let me up my anxiety medication. I think we are all over this mess. Except the super positive, glass always mostly full people.… Continue reading Time to Up My Anxiety Meds

‘Tiger King’ Review by Midlife Margaritas

Yep. I went right down that rabbit hole along with so many of you. Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t watched or finished watching Tiger King, do it now! I’ll wait. What the actual hell??????? I was hooked the first 30 seconds. This real life drama played out in the early 2000’s and why the heck… Continue reading ‘Tiger King’ Review by Midlife Margaritas

Covid-19, The Margarita Edition

I know you read my blog for the laughs and rants, but honestly, I got nothing but Virus going on. It’s all anyone can talk about. My entire Twitter, Facebook, Insta, even Pinterest feeds are all about THE virus of the Century. Covid-19 how I HATE you. If you haven’t been paying attention (because you… Continue reading Covid-19, The Margarita Edition

Margaritas, Netflix and Chill

Do you know what “Netflix and Chill” really means? Go ahead and google it, I’ll wait. I promise you that’s not what I mean by that phrase. I’ll be keeping it clean. Mostly. I took a little fall over the weekend and ended up throwing a full cup of coffee all over the kitchen floor.… Continue reading Margaritas, Netflix and Chill

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish, It’s Selfless!

Say the title 15 times real fast. HA. Well maybe just remember the title and make it your mantra! I think we all feel some sort of guilt for taking time for ourselves and we shouldn’t feel ANY guilt. Self-Care isn’t just for moms and dads. It’s a must for everyone. To keep your sanity,… Continue reading Self-Care Isn’t Selfish, It’s Selfless!

6 Things I Learned About Myself When I Was Without Internet and TV.

I just spent 4 whole days without internet, TV and Netflix! Yes I paid the bills. Ends up one cable company cut my cable companies wires and knocked out a few neighborhoods over the weekend. I mean it’s 2019 and this shouldn’t happen. So I had 4 days to learn a lot about myself and… Continue reading 6 Things I Learned About Myself When I Was Without Internet and TV.

Midlife Margaritas Netflix Picks for January 2019

  Lately I have been, well, blah. I’m trying to avoid the news and anything else that reminds me the world is heading straight into a Zombie Apocalypse. So I’ve started to binge (just a little) on Netflix. And guess what my favorite genres are? Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi, Drama, Thrillers, Scary and Action. I’m not the… Continue reading Midlife Margaritas Netflix Picks for January 2019