Why a Midlife Crisis Mom Should Be The Next President of America.

Trigger Warning: THIS is not a real political post. THIS is humor and satire. Not meant to offend or upset anyone. Just a “Giggle Getter”. With the upcoming elections in 2020, we should all be prepared for a real shitshow no matter what. From now till the election day (and beyond) we are going to… Continue reading Why a Midlife Crisis Mom Should Be The Next President of America.

Rock You Like A Hurricane

Now you can’t get that song by The Scorpions out of you head. lol Sorry not sorry. We just made it through Hurricane Dorian. Raleigh, NC made it ok. No real damage. The coast, not so much. Tornados and water spouts, flooding and power outages. But nothing compared to some of the Bahama Islands that… Continue reading Rock You Like A Hurricane

Hot Flashes are Back with a Vengeance

I think I have been going through menopause for at least 30 years now. It sure feels that way. I thought the symptoms were getting better but then the hot flashes came back. With a vengeance. I’m sweating in places no one should sweat. And it’s no mist either. It’s a full on rain forest… Continue reading Hot Flashes are Back with a Vengeance

No Swearing in Church!

Ok, this post has nothing to do with religion so relax. I don’t need anymore hate mail this month. If you read till the end you’ll understand the title. 🙂 Cheryl (one of my other margarita girls) and I were charged with updating the parlor/boardroom at our church. It literally looked like grandma’s sitting room… Continue reading No Swearing in Church!

And Away to College. Again.

Thing 2 left for his sophomore year at college. This year, he is off campus in an apartment with two friends. I’m not a fan of living off campus. I know all the kids do it, yada, yada, yada. I lived off campus for a brief time. Hated it. No desire to get up and… Continue reading And Away to College. Again.

Drama on My Facebook Page. Haters and Grammar Police.

Sweet. Baby. Jesus. There’s drama on Midlife Margaritas FB page again. This time it’s over a little meme I shared from Snarky Breeders. So I’m throwing her under the bus too. lol Here’s the meme in question: Just to be clear. I love ALL lifeguards. But THIS was just someone’s little sarcastic meme that made… Continue reading Drama on My Facebook Page. Haters and Grammar Police.

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish, It’s Selfless!

Say the title 15 times real fast. HA. Well maybe just remember the title and make it your mantra! I think we all feel some sort of guilt for taking time for ourselves and we shouldn’t feel ANY guilt. Self-Care isn’t just for moms and dads. It’s a must for everyone. To keep your sanity,… Continue reading Self-Care Isn’t Selfish, It’s Selfless!