The Hottest Summer and Both Kids Have Moved Home. Kill Me.

Here in NC, it’s hotter than Satan’s kitchen! It’s probably hot where you are too but add 100% humidity and, well, we have moisture every freaking where. I have asthma so I can’t breathe and just walking to the mailbox, I feel like I’m gonna pass out. Right there in my driveway. Where all my… Continue reading The Hottest Summer and Both Kids Have Moved Home. Kill Me.

Squirrel – 0 Dog – 1

It finally  happened. The dog caught the squirrel. I am MORTIFIED. I have had lots of dogs in my lifetime and not one of them actually caught the squirrel. A few bunnies and even some baby birds that fell from the nest but not the squirrel! Until now… Just last week I was in the… Continue reading Squirrel – 0 Dog – 1

2019 Super Bowl Parties & Fails

Well 2019 Super Bowl 53 went down like a lead balloon. IF you could even watch it. Seems at least one major cable company went down in a large portion of the USA and fans were pissed! I know, because it happened to me and Susan.  She hosts the bowl every year for family and… Continue reading 2019 Super Bowl Parties & Fails

10 Funny Thanksgiving Tweets

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? What are you thankful for? Do you have one of those turkeys that they are recalling for salmonella? Do you have enough booze to keep your drunk uncle from being able to talk politics at the table?  Have no fear! Hear are the 10 funniest Thanksgiving Tweets I could find… Continue reading 10 Funny Thanksgiving Tweets

More Halloween Tweets for 2018

Ok. I love Halloween and I have spent an awful amount of time on Twitter lately. I am obsessed with Halloween tweets. Obvi. So I wanted to share more! I did a top Halloween tweets a few posts ago too. But I had to add to it! And I am also lazy and haven’t been… Continue reading More Halloween Tweets for 2018

The Day My Dad Killed The Maid’s Husband.

  Disclaimer: I am by no means making fun of anyone dying. This is just one of those family stories of the “you can’t make this stuff up” folder. I realize that no family is “normal” and we all have our skeletons. In our family, crazy isn’t hidden, we dress it up and prop it… Continue reading The Day My Dad Killed The Maid’s Husband.

Midlife Margaritas Top 8 Funny as Hell Tweets about Parenthood

Well as usual everything in the news, media and world-wide communication is still saying the world is going to hell in a handbasket. So, since nothing else is really funny this past week, I’ve thrown together some pretty funny tweets from twitter world. You know, where people actually have fun sometimes.  Is it just me… Continue reading Midlife Margaritas Top 8 Funny as Hell Tweets about Parenthood