Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome

I am no authority on empty nesting yet. My oldest isn’t moving out till this weekend. And as long as he takes that nasty couch he bought in college off Craig’s List, I will be very happy. Meanwhile I’ve been planning on how to handle Empty Nest Syndrome.  Medical Definition of empty-nest syndrome : a… Continue reading Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome

10 things I Did That I Want My Kids To Do

Guest post from my friend, Eli Pacheco, over at Coach Daddy Blog. These kids. They’re growing up with thumb swipes instead of mixtapes. They Facetime on their phones and have never had to wait for dial-up. Even Madison, in her ancient 20-somethings, used to squeeze the paw of stuffed animals because weren’t they allsupposed to talk?… Continue reading 10 things I Did That I Want My Kids To Do

Hey Mom, Remember When Your Kids Used to Embarrass You When They Were Young?

* *This Post is from Blog and they asked me to share with my peeps. So Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy these stories from some really great mom bloggers! ~MidlifeMargaritas Did your child ever say or do something that made you want to crawl under a table and hide? Of course they did! This… Continue reading Hey Mom, Remember When Your Kids Used to Embarrass You When They Were Young?

When The Easter Bunny Almost Died

I may have told you this story before about Easter. I apologize if I have, raising boys has helped me to lose my mind. But its Easter so I want to share an Easter memory. When I was young, I remember my dad hiding Easter eggs in the backyard, Easter lunch at my grandmothers and… Continue reading When The Easter Bunny Almost Died

When Your Kids Ask Who Your Favorite Child Is. Don’t Panic.

I have a confession about this parenting business. Sometimes I rock the job and sometimes I suck bigly. But I’m always prepared when the kids want to know who my favorite child is. Question is, do you lie? Do you tell them you love them equally? If you are nodding your head yes I am… Continue reading When Your Kids Ask Who Your Favorite Child Is. Don’t Panic.

Too Much Pressure

So Big Daddy brought this huge poinsettia home last week and all I could think was, “OMG. Another living thing I have to keep alive.” I suck at plants, pets and people smaller than me. There are 4 males in my home including the dog. I don’t have time for a poinsettia. But really I… Continue reading Too Much Pressure

#MomLife. Make it Your Bitch.

To the young moms out there. It WILL get better. The struggle is real but you got this. Make #momlife your bitch! Take back your life and still be an awesome mom/wife. So take your laptop or phone with you to the bathroom and lock the door. Let them cry, stick fingers under the door,… Continue reading #MomLife. Make it Your Bitch.

Screw You Laundry!

Doing laundry is my all time favorite thing in the whole wide world! Said no mom of a family of all boys ever. I would rather eat a fried rat and a side of snails. Seriously. To you moms of little babies and toddlers, just wait. The clothes piles get bigger and sweatier and weirder… Continue reading Screw You Laundry!

October, Hurricanes and Wednesdays.

It’s Wednesday. In October. Yes I know there are more than one Wednesday in a month but this is the first Wednesday. So bite me. Anyhoo, I checked my calendar (yes I still use the planner calendar method *with fancy stickers) and my calendar says to ‘Make Today Great!’ So now what? I mean I use these… Continue reading October, Hurricanes and Wednesdays.

What I’m Not Doing This Weekend.

Notice the coffee cup? That’s the theme for the weekend here at Midlife Margaritas. Coffee, Church, Peace & Quiet. *Laughing because you know there is no such thing as a weekend of peace and quiet. Honestly it’s best to just list the things I’m not doing this weekend. Here goes: Not doing laundry, dishes, cooking,… Continue reading What I’m Not Doing This Weekend.