This is the Year I lose My Mind!

This school year is going to be a record setter. I have my oldest graduating college and my youngest graduating high school. And I’m not even close to accepting this as reality. I mean, I feel like they were just toddlers yesterday! They were shorter than me. They were sweet and loving and called me… Continue reading This is the Year I lose My Mind!

When Your Kids Ask Who Your Favorite Child Is. Don’t Panic.

I have a confession about this parenting business. Sometimes I rock the job and sometimes I suck bigly. But I’m always prepared when the kids want to know who my favorite child is. Question is, do you lie? Do you tell them you love them equally? If you are nodding your head yes I am… Continue reading When Your Kids Ask Who Your Favorite Child Is. Don’t Panic.

Ten Unconventional Things I’m Thankful For.

Yes, we are all thankful for friends, family, food, shelter, health, kids etc. BUT, are you thankful for the things that you maybe take for granted? I know we all take every one of the things mentioned above for granted and we shouldn’t. Did I just scold you? lol But really. If you can get… Continue reading Ten Unconventional Things I’m Thankful For.

#MomLife. Make it Your Bitch.

To the young moms out there. It WILL get better. The struggle is real but you got this. Make #momlife your bitch! Take back your life and still be an awesome mom/wife. So take your laptop or phone with you to the bathroom and lock the door. Let them cry, stick fingers under the door,… Continue reading #MomLife. Make it Your Bitch.

Midlife Margaritas Won another AWARD!

Can you believe it? Thanks to Bleeping Motherhood, we have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! It must have been our Sunny Disposition. 🙂 So you know we are celebrating with bottles and bottles of Champagne! And you know what that means? DANCING! Not the stripper pole kind but the cool kid kind like… Continue reading Midlife Margaritas Won another AWARD!

Screw You Laundry!

Doing laundry is my all time favorite thing in the whole wide world! Said no mom of a family of all boys ever. I would rather eat a fried rat and a side of snails. Seriously. To you moms of little babies and toddlers, just wait. The clothes piles get bigger and sweatier and weirder… Continue reading Screw You Laundry!