Do You Have a Holiday Procrastination List?

Got an email the other day asking me if I wanted to order some Christmas Cards. My first thought was, “OMG. I haven’t ordered cards in time for the holiday’s in the past few years. Is this a sign from God that I need to get my life together this year”? As I read the… Continue reading Do You Have a Holiday Procrastination List?

A Typical Day of Blogging. It’s Not Always Smooth Sailing. 

I’ve heard so many times, “I wish I could just sit around and blog all day.” Like it’s just so easy peasy.  You have no idea how hard it can be. I mean sure it sounds easy and glamorous but don’t quit your day job just yet. Here’s a typical day for me: I get… Continue reading A Typical Day of Blogging. It’s Not Always Smooth Sailing. 

I’m The Worst Mom. Christmas 2016 Edition.

Well it’s almost Christmas 2016 and I am still the worst mom ever. No Christmas cards went out even though I tried to get my kids to pose for a great picture. They were not corporative and after about 100 pictures I gave up. I hope my friends don’t remove me off their card list… Continue reading I’m The Worst Mom. Christmas 2016 Edition.

Is This Flippin’ Election Over Yet?

Flippin’ is not the word I want to use. But my relatives read my blog and while I’m the parent of a high schooler and a college kid, I still get dirty looks from my own parents when I say the ‘F’ word. But if we are discussing the 2016 Presidential Election, we almost need… Continue reading Is This Flippin’ Election Over Yet?

Can ‘Pokémon Go’ Save The World?

With everything going on in our world today it seems we are always on the edge. So many are losing their faith, religion and hope. We are lost and looking for reasons to keep going. And then this happened. Pokémon Go. If you’ve been living under a rock, Pokémon Go is a phone app. It’s… Continue reading Can ‘Pokémon Go’ Save The World?

Gorilla Wars 2016

So here is the video. Shot by a person at the zoo where a 4 year-old child fell into the enclosure of an endangered gorilla named Harambe. I warn you it’s pretty hard to watch especially if you’re a parent. This happened over the weekend at the Cincinnati Zoo. Can you even fathom this? I… Continue reading Gorilla Wars 2016

10 Rules for Moms on Social Media

Rules For Moms

My kids claim they hate me on social media. But yet I get the occasional “did you like my Instagram pic yet?” or “did you see my snap story?” So they are sending me mixed messages.  But that doesn’t matter because like it or not, I AM on social media and I plan to stay. I mean I was on Facebook before they were old enough to ride a bike. But I have learned from these boys that there are some unwritten rules for moms to follow on social media:

  1. Never be the first one to ‘like’ a post or picture your child puts on social media. Apparently it’s so embarrassing.
  2. Hashtag Etiquette:  Don’t make up a hashtag to try and be funny or witty. Use only normal hashtags relevant to your tweet or picture or post. Example Don’t use hashtags like #hessocuteicouldeathimwithaspoon or #bestmomeverandilovemykidssomuch
  3. Don’t use more than a few hashtags, more than 3 is weird.
  4. Don’t tag your kids on Facebook. They aren’t there anymore.
  5. Never save a picture from a snap story. There will be hell to pay if you do. They will revolt and stop making their beds and cleaning up for themselves every day. Oh wait, they don’t do that now!
  6. They get mad if you accept their friend’s requests on social media. Truth is their friends just want to see the embarrassing family pictures you post. That brings me to number 7.
  7. Don’t post embarrassing family pictures. This can ruin their reputations. (as if they even have one yet.)
  8. It’s not the twitter; it’s just ‘twitter’. No one tweets at you, so never say that.
  9. When posting selfies of your children’s friends moms, don’t put #momsquad and tag the kids in it. Worst. Mistake. Ever.
  10. The rules change daily according to the kids. You have to keep up and always remember what you do on social media reflects on your kids!


I hope I was able to help. If you have more mom rules, let me know!

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