Spring Cleaning, Yard Sales & Evil Spirits

It’s spring and I’d like to say it’s my annual spring purging season but honestly it’s more like my bi-annual clean out. Ok let’s just say it’s been a really long time since I’ve purged the crap, aka evil clutter from my house. Plus we need some fast cash for vacation and now we have… Continue reading Spring Cleaning, Yard Sales & Evil Spirits

Ahh. Early Spring In the Carolinas And My Street Smells Like Dead Bodies.

I hate winter. I know it’s necessary and all that but I have a serious allergy to being cold. The older I get the more I’m considering moving further south. Like Florida. The very tip of Florida closest to the sun. But I also want to have working AC and a pool or beach close… Continue reading Ahh. Early Spring In the Carolinas And My Street Smells Like Dead Bodies.

Are Pineapples A Dirty Little Secret?

A few days ago I posted a picture of this really cool pineapple lamp on Instagram: Isn’t it totally adorbs? Looks great in my little corner. Well later that night an old college friend texted me to call her that she had something funny to tell me. Curiosity killed the kitty so I called her… Continue reading Are Pineapples A Dirty Little Secret?

If This Week Sucked, Read This.

Here at Midlife Margaritas we are completely over this past week. Time to heal, no matter how you voted. Take a deep breath and pour yourself an extra large cocktail. Life is about how you live it. So let’s get back to making fun of our friends behind their backs and gossiping about how dysfunctional… Continue reading If This Week Sucked, Read This.

October, Hurricanes and Wednesdays.

It’s Wednesday. In October. Yes I know there are more than one Wednesday in a month but this is the first Wednesday. So bite me. Anyhoo, I checked my calendar (yes I still use the planner calendar method *with fancy stickers) and my calendar says to ‘Make Today Great!’ So now what? I mean I use these… Continue reading October, Hurricanes and Wednesdays.

Goodbye Summer. I Love You.

Hey Happy Shiny People! It’s almost time to say goodbye to summer. And that makes me so so so sad. I’m not ready. It’s like my BFF is moving to another country. Ok maybe that was a tad dramatic but you have to understand I loathe winter. LOATHE it. Fall is ok with the leaves… Continue reading Goodbye Summer. I Love You.

Why Aren’t My Kids Prodigies?

(By the way, the kids in the picture are not mine. They are way to adorable to be mine.) His name is Titus Ashby. He started shooting hoops at age 2. He’s awesome. You may have seen his videos on YouTube where his parents pimp him out to the world. He’s a basketball hoop shooting prodigy. He can shoot his… Continue reading Why Aren’t My Kids Prodigies?