2019 Super Bowl Parties & Fails

Well 2019 Super Bowl 53 went down like a lead balloon. IF you could even watch it. Seems at least one major cable company went down in a large portion of the USA and fans were pissed! I know, because it happened to me and Susan.¬† She hosts the bowl every year for family and… Continue reading 2019 Super Bowl Parties & Fails

2019 New Year, New You Resolutions?

Hey there! We made it to 2019! (Almost). Every year I dread the “New Year, New You” clich√©. I give everyone about 30 days before we roll back into our “old” selves. But you know we are all going to try anyway. Maybe one out of one hundred will actually improve and change. Not trying… Continue reading 2019 New Year, New You Resolutions?