Midlife and Expiration Dates

Just before I sat down to blog today, I had to grab a cup of coffee. Usually we have half n half on hand but not today! I was (as any coffee addict would) about to have a panic attack. Then I spied a half gallon of fat free milk. Winner Winner! Until I noticed… Continue reading Midlife and Expiration Dates

Margaritas, Netflix and Chill

Do you know what “Netflix and Chill” really means? Go ahead and google it, I’ll wait. I promise you that’s not what I mean by that phrase. I’ll be keeping it clean. Mostly. I took a little fall over the weekend and ended up throwing a full cup of coffee all over the kitchen floor.… Continue reading Margaritas, Netflix and Chill

Funniest Tweets That Remind Me Of The Holidays

I’m a bit lazy this week and spent too much time on Twitter. So I’m posting the funniest 9 tweets I found that remind me of holidays and family. All just short of being a Hallmark/National Lampoon movie. Also, I created a kick-ass Christmas Gift Guide with a link to it at the bottom of… Continue reading Funniest Tweets That Remind Me Of The Holidays

6 Things I Learned About Myself When I Was Without Internet and TV.

I just spent 4 whole days without internet, TV and Netflix! Yes I paid the bills. Ends up one cable company cut my cable companies wires and knocked out a few neighborhoods over the weekend. I mean it’s 2019 and this shouldn’t happen. So I had 4 days to learn a lot about myself and… Continue reading 6 Things I Learned About Myself When I Was Without Internet and TV.

What Cool Mom’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

You might be saying, “I’m not a cool mom” but you are! If you are reading my blog, you are one of the coolest! lol Think it, Dream it, Believe it! So Today I am posting about great gifts for cool, tired AF, happy, depressed, exhausted moms. So share with your hubbys and kids so… Continue reading What Cool Mom’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

The Midlife Margarita Lifestyle.

I’ve heard it so many times. “Is this all there is?” Midlifers in distress. Thinking way to much about the end years. It isn’t over till the fat lady sings! If you are saying to yourself, “Is this all there is”, you aren’t alone. I hear it so often. I have even said it myself… Continue reading The Midlife Margarita Lifestyle.

2019 Super Bowl Parties & Fails

Well 2019 Super Bowl 53 went down like a lead balloon. IF you could even watch it. Seems at least one major cable company went down in a large portion of the USA and fans were pissed! I know, because it happened to me and Susan.  She hosts the bowl every year for family and… Continue reading 2019 Super Bowl Parties & Fails