Where Has The Funny Gone?

I try to find humor everyday. This morning while I waited in line at Starbucks, I noticed two older Japanese men. ( I think they were Japanese, not sure) As they walked to their car, they were speaking to each other in their own language. What was so funny was, I knew exactly what they… Continue reading Where Has The Funny Gone?

I’m Not Gonna Pray for That.

This past weekend my oldest (Thing 1) took me to see John Crist in New Bern, NC. If you aren’t familiar with him, he’s a Christian comedian. But he really pushes the limits in his comedy. The setting was Temple Baptist Church and it was a packed house! Let me start by saying, if you… Continue reading I’m Not Gonna Pray for That.

Why a Midlife Crisis Mom Should Be The Next President of America.

Trigger Warning: THIS is not a real political post. THIS is humor and satire. Not meant to offend or upset anyone. Just a “Giggle Getter”. With the upcoming elections in 2020, we should all be prepared for a real shitshow no matter what. From now till the election day (and beyond) we are going to… Continue reading Why a Midlife Crisis Mom Should Be The Next President of America.

Rock You Like A Hurricane

Now you can’t get that song by The Scorpions out of you head. lol Sorry not sorry. We just made it through Hurricane Dorian. Raleigh, NC made it ok. No real damage. The coast, not so much. Tornados and water spouts, flooding and power outages. But nothing compared to some of the Bahama Islands that… Continue reading Rock You Like A Hurricane

The Hottest Summer and Both Kids Have Moved Home. Kill Me.

Here in NC, it’s hotter than Satan’s kitchen! It’s probably hot where you are too but add 100% humidity and, well, we have moisture every freaking where. I have asthma so I can’t breathe and just walking to the mailbox, I feel like I’m gonna pass out. Right there in my driveway. Where all my… Continue reading The Hottest Summer and Both Kids Have Moved Home. Kill Me.

Squirrel – 0 Dog – 1

It finally¬† happened. The dog caught the squirrel. I am MORTIFIED. I have had lots of dogs in my lifetime and not one of them actually caught the squirrel. A few bunnies and even some baby birds that fell from the nest but not the squirrel! Until now… Just last week I was in the… Continue reading Squirrel – 0 Dog – 1

2019 Super Bowl Parties & Fails

Well 2019 Super Bowl 53 went down like a lead balloon. IF you could even watch it. Seems at least one major cable company went down in a large portion of the USA and fans were pissed! I know, because it happened to me and Susan.¬† She hosts the bowl every year for family and… Continue reading 2019 Super Bowl Parties & Fails