I Got Nothing…

Today’s post is boring. I have been in a pandemic funk and I am struggling to get out of it. We had a great week at the beach, had our youngest tested for Covid (NEGATIVE)!, watched the protests and then watched the rioters show up and try to destroy as much of our downtown as… Continue reading I Got Nothing…

Captain’s Log: Day 158 Million

If you just read the title in the voice of Captain Kirk (William Shatner), you are one of my people.  This Pandemic Quarantine feels like effin 4 ever. I feel like everyday is the same. I’m out of wine coolers and I have finished all of Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ (I don’t even have kids at… Continue reading Captain’s Log: Day 158 Million

2020 Graduation Commencement Speech as Given by Me.

Well this year was a real shitshow for most of you. And now you will either have a “drive-through” graduation, virtual graduation or no celebration. I also hear that a few celebrities’ will be giving their “2 cents worth”. Folks like John Legend, Jimmy Fallon, Hillary Clinton and even Pitbull. I’m sure they will inspire… Continue reading 2020 Graduation Commencement Speech as Given by Me.

Give Yourself Permission to Bitch About This Pandemic.

Anyone else over it? Done with this Pandemic? Done with the people you are trapped at home with? I don’t mean to sound uncaring of the realities of life lost, jobs and income lost, or anything like that. But let’s be real for a moment. Let’s get it all out there. Let’s bitch about the… Continue reading Give Yourself Permission to Bitch About This Pandemic.

Re-Nesting Covid Style

This is a blog post from my friend Robin over at http://www.solongpta.com  Love her humor during our pandemic! I thought you would too! Re-Nesting Covid Style  also known as “PANDEMICS ARE FOR THE BIRDS” So here we are, 2020, the year of the Worldwide Pandemic.  Or does “pandemic” mean worldwide? (I’ll google later) It’s real and scary, and… Continue reading Re-Nesting Covid Style