Re-Nesting Covid Style

This is a blog post from my friend Robin over at  Love her humor during our pandemic! I thought you would too! Re-Nesting Covid Style  also known as “PANDEMICS ARE FOR THE BIRDS” So here we are, 2020, the year of the Worldwide Pandemic.  Or does “pandemic” mean worldwide? (I’ll google later) It’s real and scary, and… Continue reading Re-Nesting Covid Style

365 Day Lazy PTA Mom Margarita Challenge.

Day 1: Check all cabinets to make sure you have enough Tequila for the challenge. If not, borrow from friends and neighbors and only go to the liquor store as a last resort. Even then ask for a coupon. Day 2: Limes. Son of a B, forgot the limes. Go to the grocery store and… Continue reading 365 Day Lazy PTA Mom Margarita Challenge.