Interview with Comedian Karen Morgan!

Recently I had the awesome opportunity to interview a real-life standup comedian! I have to say I was nervous. Would I ask the wrong questions? Would I sound like a fangirl? Would she be able to tell I was slurping a margarita? Let me tell you Karen Morgan is the easiest, friendliest person to talk… Continue reading Interview with Comedian Karen Morgan!

No Politics, Race or Covid Today Bitches!

Everything I see, read or hear is all about the above title. Not today on Midlife Margaritas! We are about to change the world and talk about something else. Anything else. lol How about let’s discuss getting our shit together? I mean we are all wandering around our houses like clueless aliens not knowing what… Continue reading No Politics, Race or Covid Today Bitches!

Where Has The Funny Gone?

I try to find humor everyday. This morning while I waited in line at Starbucks, I noticed two older Japanese men. ( I think they were Japanese, not sure) As they walked to their car, they were speaking to each other in their own language. What was so funny was, I knew exactly what they… Continue reading Where Has The Funny Gone?