Facebook Fake News & Fake People

Is it just me? Do you get annoyed with people’s fakeness on social media like I do? No one can possibly¬† have a perfect life, spouse, kids, pets, job…. right? Why can’t people just be real? Why is it always Fake News? (‘Dirty Laundry’ by Don Henley plays in background) I mean we all know… Continue reading Facebook Fake News & Fake People

I’m The Worst Mom. Christmas 2016 Edition.

Well it’s almost Christmas 2016 and I am still the worst mom ever. No Christmas cards went out even though I tried to get my kids to pose for a great picture. They were not corporative and after about 100 pictures I gave up. I hope my friends don’t remove me off their card list… Continue reading I’m The Worst Mom. Christmas 2016 Edition.