A Few Tweets To Make You Laugh Today. Because The World Sucks.

If you’ve read the news today or watched it, heard the talk at the water cooler (who even has those anymore?) or read the Breaking News on your phones, you know this day sucks as much as all the days lately. So I hope these tweets I found will give you a little giggle at… Continue reading A Few Tweets To Make You Laugh Today. Because The World Sucks.

Facebook Fake News & Fake People

Is it just me? Do you get annoyed with people’s fakeness on social media like I do? No one can possibly  have a perfect life, spouse, kids, pets, job…. right? Why can’t people just be real? Why is it always Fake News? (‘Dirty Laundry’ by Don Henley plays in background) I mean we all know… Continue reading Facebook Fake News & Fake People

Viral Words In 2016 That Need To Go Before I Die.

There are some words and phrases that are like nails on a chalkboard for me. For those of you not in the age range of midlife-to almost dead, it’s what we used to write on before smart boards. You can google it for kicks. But back to my rant. Lately I have been on edge… Continue reading Viral Words In 2016 That Need To Go Before I Die.

Why Don’t I Own a Skillet? Am I Even Southern?

Why Don’t I Own a Skillet? It occurred to me today that I might not be a real southern wife/mom. I was screwing around on Pinterest and saving pins of comfort foods when I realized, I don’t even own a cast iron skillet! WTH? How can I claim to be southern born and bred and… Continue reading Why Don’t I Own a Skillet? Am I Even Southern?

I Love Jesus But I Cuss a Little

I’m about to get all controversial on y’all. I saw this quote on Instagram not too long ago and I chuckled and thought, “yep, that is so me”. I mean I try not to say swear words but it does happen. I’m not perfect nor do I want to be. That would boring. Right? The first time… Continue reading I Love Jesus But I Cuss a Little

Why I’m a Sucky Friend

sucky friend

If you’re friends with me, you know I suck at being a good friend. I honestly love all my friends and would be there in a flash if a friend were seriously in trouble. I promise I’m not a bad person, but I’m pretty sure I was dropped on my head as a kid and now my memory is awful and I have problems focusing. I don’t remember what I ate for lunch so I sure won’t remember your birthday. Unless I’m on Facebook and FB tells me it’s your birthday.

Here are a few more traits of a sucky friend:

*Can’t remember your birthday. Ever. So anniversaries are out of the question.

*Hate to talk on the phone. My mind wanders when people talk to me for too long. I can’t help it. Text me and I am more focused. You can even Snapchat or Twitter at me.

*I hate chick flicks. I would rather see a ‘Die Hard’ movie or a really dark, scary movie. I don’t like to cry at movies but give me car wrecks and ghosts and I will be your BFF.

*I don’t trust anyone driving. If you want to hang out, go to dinner, pedi’s etc., I have to drive. I don’t trust other friends driving. If you insist on driving please realize I will tell you where to go and how to get there.

*I’m always right. I’ll try to give you unsolicited advice and if you think I’m wrong, well that might not go well.

*I can’t be around friends who do not have a sense of humor. If you are serious all the time I assume you are a miserable person and need psychiatric therapy. I hate to be called out when my humor might be slightly inappropriate. Which happens often.

*I don’t want to go out to dinner with friends who only eat salads and talk about how they have to watch their weight. Boo hoo. Eat a flipping cheeseburger already.

*I like my cocktails. A lot. I get a little louder with each shot sip. The more I have the funnier I am. But then you would have to drive home and then I would have to tell you how to drive and it would just turn into a hot mess.

So if you expect friends to remember birthdays, eat salads and do girly girl things, then I’m not your girl. I suck at being a good friend. Just so you know upfront.