Is It Time for Reading Glasses?

When I turned 40 I went to have my eyes checked. I could no longer read the directions on smaller boxes and prescription bottles. I thought I was going blind. This is it! I’m officially losing my eyesight. The doctor did the eye exam then told me I really didn’t need glasses but I should… Continue reading Is It Time for Reading Glasses?

Midlife Friends & Mayhem

This past weekend, Susan and I had a staycation at my house. Who is Susan? She is Louise to my Thelma, Lucy to my Ethel. She is my partner in crime especially on vacations and shopping. She is supposed to be my blog partner but she can’t even turn on a computer. Currently she is… Continue reading Midlife Friends & Mayhem

Sharing a Little Secret With You Today. Just Don’t Spread it Around the Interwebs.

Yesterday I left my house without coffee. Once I made it to work, I felt the withdrawals coming on. I guess that means I’m addicted to coffee again. Back in college I could down 2 pots of coffee before lunch. Man I was driven and focused back then! I could accomplish so much with that… Continue reading Sharing a Little Secret With You Today. Just Don’t Spread it Around the Interwebs.

I’m The Worst Mom. Christmas 2016 Edition.

Well it’s almost Christmas 2016 and I am still the worst mom ever. No Christmas cards went out even though I tried to get my kids to pose for a great picture. They were not corporative and after about 100 pictures I gave up. I hope my friends don’t remove me off their card list… Continue reading I’m The Worst Mom. Christmas 2016 Edition.

October, Hurricanes and Wednesdays.

It’s Wednesday. In October. Yes I know there are more than one Wednesday in a month but this is the first Wednesday. So bite me. Anyhoo, I checked my calendar (yes I still use the planner calendar method *with fancy stickers) and my calendar says to ‘Make Today Great!’ So now what? I mean I use these… Continue reading October, Hurricanes and Wednesdays.

Shopping is My High

Last week I visited the new craft/home décor store in our town. As the doors opened I heard a choir of angels singing behind me. Décor Heaven on earth! Remember Louise from my Thelma and Louise adventures? Check that one out here: She was there too! Her husband was not enjoying it. I think he mouthed… Continue reading Shopping is My High