Midlife Margaritas Top 8 Funny Social Media Accounts for 2018

Hello Lovely Peeps! I decided to honor a few funny people I follow on Social Media. With all the negativity on Social these days, I thought I would list my top 8 picks for 2018. They are all funny, real and awesome. If I’m having a bad day or someone pisses me off, these accounts… Continue reading Midlife Margaritas Top 8 Funny Social Media Accounts for 2018

Midlife Margaritas Won another AWARD!

Can you believe it? Thanks to Bleeping Motherhood, we have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! It must have been our Sunny Disposition. 🙂 So you know we are celebrating with bottles and bottles of Champagne! And you know what that means? DANCING! Not the stripper pole kind but the cool kid kind like… Continue reading Midlife Margaritas Won another AWARD!

My First Blog Award Nomination!

I’ve been nominated for a blog award! Thanks to Becky at My Life, Part 2 and Erin at Bubbles and Beebots. I love both these blogs and the women who created them. Talk about a Sisterhood. So here are the rules for this nomination: THE RULES Thank the blogger who nominated you Put the award… Continue reading My First Blog Award Nomination!