Drama on My Facebook Page. Haters and Grammar Police.

Sweet. Baby. Jesus. There’s drama on Midlife Margaritas FB page again. This time it’s over a little meme I shared from Snarky Breeders. So I’m throwing her under the bus too. lol Here’s the meme in question: Just to be clear. I love ALL lifeguards. But THIS was just someone’s little sarcastic meme that made… Continue reading Drama on My Facebook Page. Haters and Grammar Police.

10 Funny Halloween Tweets for 2018

It’s October and was close to 90 degrees where I am. So it’s no wonder I am not in the Fall/Halloween spirit yet. But it is almost time so if you are like me and are trying hard to get in the “spirit” of things….Check out the tweets I found this week! This might be… Continue reading 10 Funny Halloween Tweets for 2018

Midlife Margaritas Top 8 Funny Social Media Accounts for 2018

Hello Lovely Peeps! I decided to honor a few funny people I follow on Social Media. With all the negativity on Social these days, I thought I would list my top 8 picks for 2018. They are all funny, real and awesome. If I’m having a bad day or someone pisses me off, these accounts… Continue reading Midlife Margaritas Top 8 Funny Social Media Accounts for 2018

Thanksgiving Fails and Perfect Family Holidays

This week is Thanksgiving week in case you’ve not been reminded on Facebook by all your friends. Thanksgiving day we will see lots of plates of food on Instagram and families all smiling and happy. Let’s get real Y’all. All of that is mostly fake. Most of the food pictures look gross and/or the same… Continue reading Thanksgiving Fails and Perfect Family Holidays

Viral Words In 2016 That Need To Go Before I Die.

There are some words and phrases that are like nails on a chalkboard for me. For those of you not in the age range of midlife-to almost dead, it’s what we used to write on before smart boards. You can google it for kicks. But back to my rant. Lately I have been on edge… Continue reading Viral Words In 2016 That Need To Go Before I Die.

Hey! I Got Something to Tell You!

Hey You!  I just want to say a Big Ass Thanks! I want you to know that I never take any of you for granted. I appreciate everyone’s support on my crazy ideas and ventures and my little blog. I appreciate all the love, follows, reposts and all the encouraging comments. I also appreciate all… Continue reading Hey! I Got Something to Tell You!

Open Letter to the Dentist and My Dad

Dear Dentist, You lied. All those years you’ve asked me if I flossed while having both your hands and dental tools shoved in my mouth. When I answered yes, you accused me of not being truthful, turns out you weren’t truthful. I’m so disappointed.  While reading the news this week, I read that researchers have determined… Continue reading Open Letter to the Dentist and My Dad

Confessions of a Cupcakeaholic

I. Want. A. Cupcake. I realize this is not breaking news and there are all kinds of political and social issues we could poke fun of today. But I can’t even think clearly. My sugar level is so low I feel like I could pass out at any minute.  No. I don’t have diabetes and… Continue reading Confessions of a Cupcakeaholic

Things That Scare Me

I have a short list of things that scare terrify me. And it all started with this: oz

A little place in North Carolina that became the first nightmare I can remember. It’s a recreation of the Land of Oz complete with a house falling on the witch’s legs. I can still remember the nightmare of my childhood with striped legs sticking out from under a house. SO thanks mom and dad for that.

This place is now closed to the public (making it oh so much more creepy) and opens about once a year for a few days for people to visit and remember the times they spent there as a child. (yay). In case you are in NC and curious, here is the link to the upcoming event: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/living/travel/article77860247.html

So then I got to thinking what else really scares me and I came up with this fun list:

  1. Spiders. They have a lot of legs so you have no idea which direction they will run. They have millions of baby spiders at one time. (Gross) Oh and they can jump too.toiletspider
  2. Tornados. I think that came from the Oz business.tornado
  3. Bats. Creatures from Hell. One time a bat touched my hair and I nearly peed myself. I was screaming like a lunatic and my neighbors thought my hubby was beating me. I kid you not.bat-demon
  4. Jumping Crickets. Crickets in general are no big deal. But when they can jump over your head in a bathroom and you cannot get away and when you do it’s stuck in your hair. I can’t even.
  5. I am afraid one day my doctor will tell me I can no longer eat gluten foods or shellfish. I. WILL. DIE.shellfishmeme.png
  6. I’m not afraid of the dark but I will admit I run and jump in the bed after the lights are out so that demon under the bed won’t grab my ankles. True story.monsterunderbed

So now you know some of my biggest fears. What are you afraid of?

A Picture is Worth a Million Laughs

It’s been one of those days friends. So I wasted a few hours on the interwebs and found these little gems. They made me laugh so if you are having a ‘day’, maybe you will chuckle too. Ok, maybe it’s the white Russians I’ve been drinking. lol 🙂