Back To School/College Humor

It’s that time of year again. Or maybe your kids are already back in school. Whether you have a kindergartener, high schooler or even a college kid (like me), the first day can be terrifying for moms or maybe a big relief! Kids suffer anxiety or maybe they are just happy to be away from… Continue reading Back To School/College Humor

Chick-fil-a and High School Graduation

I know I am so late on this weeks post! But having one kid graduate college the other week and my youngest graduating high school tomorrow, I have been just a little busy. This morning my youngest (Thing 2) went to our local Chick-fil-a in his cap and gown. Weird right? Here’s why: My kid… Continue reading Chick-fil-a and High School Graduation

Soon to be Empty Nesters. And We Can’t Wait!

Thing 1 & 2 will graduate high school/college in May. We will officially be empty nesters and we can’t wait! But hold up. I’m getting the stink eye from people over my enthusiasm. Why can’t I be excited? I’m not judging you for being upset that your babies are leaving home. Why can’t we all… Continue reading Soon to be Empty Nesters. And We Can’t Wait!

This is the Year I lose My Mind!

This school year is going to be a record setter. I have my oldest graduating college and my youngest graduating high school. And I’m not even close to accepting this as reality. I mean, I feel like they were just toddlers yesterday! They were shorter than me. They were sweet and loving and called me… Continue reading This is the Year I lose My Mind!