Chick-fil-a and High School Graduation

I know I am so late on this weeks post! But having one kid graduate college the other week and my youngest graduating high school tomorrow, I have been just a little busy. This morning my youngest (Thing 2) went to our local Chick-fil-a in his cap and gown. Weird right? Here’s why: My kid… Continue reading Chick-fil-a and High School Graduation

May is a Bitch.

Let’s chat. It’s May 2018 and I am so over it already. Is May super busy for everybody? Seems like every May I can’t get my shit together. Not that I usually have it together but mostly I have it halfway together. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. This is the month of… Continue reading May is a Bitch.

Soon to be Empty Nesters. And We Can’t Wait!

Thing 1 & 2 will graduate high school/college in May. We will officially be empty nesters and we can’t wait! But hold up. I’m getting the stink eye from people over my enthusiasm. Why can’t I be excited? I’m not judging you for being upset that your babies are leaving home. Why can’t we all… Continue reading Soon to be Empty Nesters. And We Can’t Wait!

My Big Headed Kids & Empty Nest Readiness.

Hellooooooooo! (Ms. Doubtfire voice) So let’s talk empty nest readiness. Are you ready for them to GET OUT? (Amityville Horror voice). I’m sure no parent is really ready for them all to leave home for good. And to keep from crying about it I do the following:  Think of all the grocery money I’ll save… Continue reading My Big Headed Kids & Empty Nest Readiness.