Is It Time for Reading Glasses?

When I turned 40 I went to have my eyes checked. I could no longer read the directions on smaller boxes and prescription bottles. I thought I was going blind. This is it! I’m officially losing my eyesight. The doctor did the eye exam then told me I really didn’t need glasses but I should… Continue reading Is It Time for Reading Glasses?

The Midlife Margarita Lifestyle.

I’ve heard it so many times. “Is this all there is?” Midlifers in distress. Thinking way to much about the end years. It isn’t over till the fat lady sings! If you are saying to yourself, “Is this all there is”, you aren’t alone. I hear it so often. I have even said it myself… Continue reading The Midlife Margarita Lifestyle.

2019 New Year, New You Resolutions?

Hey there! We made it to 2019! (Almost). Every year I dread the “New Year, New You” cliché. I give everyone about 30 days before we roll back into our “old” selves. But you know we are all going to try anyway. Maybe one out of one hundred will actually improve and change. Not trying… Continue reading 2019 New Year, New You Resolutions?

I’m One Tired Mother Trucker.

Less than two weeks from Christmas. I feel like I should be happy and joyous and singing Jingle Bells off-key like every year. But, alas, I am a tired mother f#(ker. As I type this my coffee is almost gone and now I am just a wide-awake sleepy momma. I had the dog on my… Continue reading I’m One Tired Mother Trucker.

12 Christmas – Hanukah Gift Ideas for Hip, Margarita Drinking Women. (or wine)

Don’t you get so tired of the gift cards, coupon books of hugs, coffee mugs, Christmas décor and all around “practical” holiday gifts you get every year? Ladies, feel free to share this with the hubby and family! This is Midlife Margaritas guide to buying Christmas/Hanukah gifts that you will actually use! I’m not saying… Continue reading 12 Christmas – Hanukah Gift Ideas for Hip, Margarita Drinking Women. (or wine)

Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome

I am no authority on empty nesting yet. My oldest isn’t moving out till this weekend. And as long as he takes that nasty couch he bought in college off Craig’s List, I will be very happy. Meanwhile I’ve been planning on how to handle Empty Nest Syndrome.  Medical Definition of empty-nest syndrome : a… Continue reading Surviving Empty Nest Syndrome

Relationships. Midlife & Beyond

Hello Margarita Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today I want to talk about relationships, friendships and beyond midlife. Sounds utterly depressing right? lol I promise it’s not. Last week Susan (Louise to my Thelma) and I went to visit my mother and grandmother. We started out meeting my mom and her friend of 30 years for lunch at a… Continue reading Relationships. Midlife & Beyond