Time to Up My Anxiety Meds

I’m losing it. Seriously. I think we have had enough isolation and anxiety now. Dear God, please turn off the Virus machine. I promise we will be better! If not at least let me up my anxiety medication. I think we are all over this mess. Except the super positive, glass always mostly full people.… Continue reading Time to Up My Anxiety Meds

More Halloween Tweets for 2018

Ok. I love Halloween and I have spent an awful amount of time on Twitter lately. I am obsessed with Halloween tweets. Obvi. So I wanted to share more! I did a top Halloween tweets a few posts ago too. But I had to add to it! And I am also lazy and haven’t been… Continue reading More Halloween Tweets for 2018

May is a Bitch.

Let’s chat. It’s May 2018 and I am so over it already. Is May super busy for everybody? Seems like every May I can’t get my shit together. Not that I usually have it together but mostly I have it halfway together. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. This is the month of… Continue reading May is a Bitch.

Pollen Season is Interfering with My Margarita Season.

This is a really tough week for me. It’s my Spring Break and it’s also the beginning of pollen season here in Raleigh, NC. I’m basically trapped inside with two dogs (one is a puppy being potty trained) and lots of laundry. I go outside for 5 minutes and come back in with itchy eyes… Continue reading Pollen Season is Interfering with My Margarita Season.