The Problems With Friendships

Sorry but this is going to be a rant day. I have to get it off my chest. I have to find a way to let somethings (people) go. I need to write about the problem with some friendships. Let me start by saying I’m no prize friend. I get that. I didn’t get all… Continue reading The Problems With Friendships

Midlife Friends & Mayhem

This past weekend, Susan and I had a staycation at my house. Who is Susan? She is Louise to my Thelma, Lucy to my Ethel. She is my partner in crime especially on vacations and shopping. She is supposed to be my blog partner but she can’t even turn on a computer. Currently she is… Continue reading Midlife Friends & Mayhem

Hey Y’all Around The World!

So the singer Pitbull calls himself Mr. Worldwide, so I think we should collaborate. I mean looking at my blogs stats and seeing people following my posts from all over the world makes me Mrs. worldwide right? I have followers from Canada, Germany, South Africa, Bangladesh, Turkey, Russia (I know right?), Hong Kong, Moldova, Portugal,… Continue reading Hey Y’all Around The World!

Toxic Relationships in the New Year and How to Let It Go. 2017 Version.

Hello My Peeps! It’s 2017 and I can’t believe we are still alive. We did it! We survived_____________ (fill in your drama from 2016.) Excuse me while I try to get this left over NYE’s glitter out of my mouth, and from up my nose and yes there was some still in my underwear! But… Continue reading Toxic Relationships in the New Year and How to Let It Go. 2017 Version.