Halloweens from our Youth & Hellish Costumes

Let’s start with the obvious here. You could not breathe in these masks back in the 70s. You felt like you were being suffocated or worse. Halloween costumes back then were frightening, itchy, flammable and so not politically correct.  They were made with rayon, polyester or plastic and if your parents smoked you had to… Continue reading Halloweens from our Youth & Hellish Costumes

It’s Almost Halloween and Here’s What Scares Me.

It’s almost the witching hour  day (also known as the time when we ran out of coffee pods) and I was thinking about what really scares me. I am just a tiny bit scared of the dark. Like going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and seeing a big brown thing on… Continue reading It’s Almost Halloween and Here’s What Scares Me.

Toxic Relationships in the New Year and How to Let It Go. 2017 Version.

Hello My Peeps! It’s 2017 and I can’t believe we are still alive. We did it! We survived_____________ (fill in your drama from 2016.) Excuse me while I try to get this left over NYE’s glitter out of my mouth, and from up my nose and yes there was some still in my underwear! But… Continue reading Toxic Relationships in the New Year and How to Let It Go. 2017 Version.

The End is Near Y’all!

The world is ending y’all. I swear it. The signs are everywhere. I mean think about it. Floods, fires, locusts and that’s just in MY neighborhood. Watch the news for 5 minutes and you’re thinking, “is this real or is this the new season of Fear the Walking Dead?”  By the way I can’t wait… Continue reading The End is Near Y’all!

Help! I’m Locked INSIDE!

I know everyone’s been locked out of their house or car but today I was locked INSIDE my house. How did that happen you ask? Well my lovely friends let me tell you. Today I had all kinds of plans. The Hubby needed to get to a physical therapy session and I was headed to… Continue reading Help! I’m Locked INSIDE!

10 Reasons Why We Are Obsessed with Shark Week

This week is shark week. ><{{^{•>   The Facts: Shark Week premiered July 17, 1988. Created by Tom Golden. (Discovery Channel) It started as a way to clear up myths and misconceptions about sharks. ~Wikipedia Now we know so much more about sharks but people are still getting attacked. Guess somebody’s not watching TV during shark… Continue reading 10 Reasons Why We Are Obsessed with Shark Week

Gorilla Wars 2016

So here is the video. Shot by a person at the zoo where a 4 year-old child fell into the enclosure of an endangered gorilla named Harambe. I warn you it’s pretty hard to watch especially if you’re a parent. This happened over the weekend at the Cincinnati Zoo. Can you even fathom this? I… Continue reading Gorilla Wars 2016

Things That Scare Me

I have a short list of things that scare terrify me. And it all started with this: oz

A little place in North Carolina that became the first nightmare I can remember. It’s a recreation of the Land of Oz complete with a house falling on the witch’s legs. I can still remember the nightmare of my childhood with striped legs sticking out from under a house. SO thanks mom and dad for that.

This place is now closed to the public (making it oh so much more creepy) and opens about once a year for a few days for people to visit and remember the times they spent there as a child. (yay). In case you are in NC and curious, here is the link to the upcoming event: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/living/travel/article77860247.html

So then I got to thinking what else really scares me and I came up with this fun list:

  1. Spiders. They have a lot of legs so you have no idea which direction they will run. They have millions of baby spiders at one time. (Gross) Oh and they can jump too.toiletspider
  2. Tornados. I think that came from the Oz business.tornado
  3. Bats. Creatures from Hell. One time a bat touched my hair and I nearly peed myself. I was screaming like a lunatic and my neighbors thought my hubby was beating me. I kid you not.bat-demon
  4. Jumping Crickets. Crickets in general are no big deal. But when they can jump over your head in a bathroom and you cannot get away and when you do it’s stuck in your hair. I can’t even.
  5. I am afraid one day my doctor will tell me I can no longer eat gluten foods or shellfish. I. WILL. DIE.shellfishmeme.png
  6. I’m not afraid of the dark but I will admit I run and jump in the bed after the lights are out so that demon under the bed won’t grab my ankles. True story.monsterunderbed

So now you know some of my biggest fears. What are you afraid of?