Do You Have a Holiday Procrastination List?

Got an email the other day asking me if I wanted to order some Christmas Cards. My first thought was, “OMG. I haven’t ordered cards in time for the holiday’s in the past few years. Is this a sign from God that I need to get my life together this year”? As I read the… Continue reading Do You Have a Holiday Procrastination List?

October, Hurricanes and Wednesdays.

It’s Wednesday. In October. Yes I know there are more than¬†one Wednesday in a month¬†but this is the first Wednesday. So bite me. Anyhoo, I checked my calendar (yes I still use the planner calendar method *with fancy stickers) and my calendar says to ‘Make Today Great!’ So now what? I mean I use these… Continue reading October, Hurricanes and Wednesdays.