Today Has Gone to The Dogs

I know you’re wondering where my weekly post is. Truthfully the entire week has gone to the dogs. My week started out with my office flooding (clogged drain) and that has eaten up my week. Trying to get back in the groove today and it’s already after 1!  Working on cleaning out my laundry room… Continue reading Today Has Gone to The Dogs

My Day in 12 Painful Steps (I Need a Vacation)

I’m still asleep, hears alarm: What day is this? In the shower: Did I use the conditioner yet? Omg. Now I have to start over because I can’t remember if I used the conditioner or was it just the shampoo. Or was it just conditioner. Damn. I’ll just grab a pop tart since I’m running late.… Continue reading My Day in 12 Painful Steps (I Need a Vacation)

Screw You Laundry!

Doing laundry is my all time favorite thing in the whole wide world! Said no mom of a family of all boys ever. I would rather eat a fried rat and a side of snails. Seriously. To you moms of little babies and toddlers, just wait. The clothes piles get bigger and sweatier and weirder… Continue reading Screw You Laundry!