We Are All In This Together!

Oh I had some great posts I wanted to send out this week but I decided to change course this one time. This week has been, to say the least, hell. This virus has gone global and we are all in this mess together. Our President has declared a national emergency and WHO is now… Continue reading We Are All In This Together!

To Grandmother With Love On Facetime

This picture is worth way more than 1000 words. This is my soon-to-be 99 year old grandmother. (my mom is in the purple shirt) She is facetiming my youngest son away at college. She is still so amazed at technology even though she has seen more in her lifetime than we ever will. The joy… Continue reading To Grandmother With Love On Facetime

The Midlife Margarita Lifestyle.

I’ve heard it so many times. “Is this all there is?” Midlifers in distress. Thinking way to much about the end years. It isn’t over till the fat lady sings! If you are saying to yourself, “Is this all there is”, you aren’t alone. I hear it so often. I have even said it myself… Continue reading The Midlife Margarita Lifestyle.

I’m About to Make Some People Mad. Again.

Last week I talked about Hollywood politics and I knew I was going to piss some people off but I only lost 2 followers. I would say that’s pretty damn good. I was expecting a whole lot more. But today I may lose even more. Cause I’m about to go all crazy again and today… Continue reading I’m About to Make Some People Mad. Again.

America, Get Your Shit Together.

Hello Margarita Girls/Guys! To say the least, this week sucked like the mother of all sucky suckiness in the USA. If you live here and are not affected, you are dead inside. I mean, have we all lost our dignity and self-respect? It’s like we’re animals fighting for the last key to the zoo cage.… Continue reading America, Get Your Shit Together.